-MEDIA PROGRAM                          -CONSTRUCTION                       -COACHING PROGRAM

-WOMEN DEVELOP/MICRO-FIN    -HUMAN RIGHTS                        -ENGLISH LESSONS        -AGRICULTURE                               -DAY CARE (CRECHE)      -ORPHANAGE RENOVATION       


  • Day 1  - Arrival at the airport in Entebbe- Meet the stae-sa staff upon arrival. Get local sim card and connected to the internet.  Transfer to the community, meet your host family and show you around the neighborhood.  

  • Day 2 - Orientation session by the coordinator, covering topic areas; such as safety, culture, language, how to travel to your work place and back home, introduction at your work place,  behavior, food, change of money into local currency. 

  • Day 3 - Work at  the placement starts. Few days for orientation and observation. Thereafter under the supervision of the senior staff at work,  you handle most of the tasks on your own.

  • Daily activities at work varies according to your qualification. Full details of your internship or volunteer daily activities at work will be included in your placement details. This will be sent to you as soon as we receive your completed application form. Please click on apply to complete the short form.

  • Working hours: Volunteers work Monday to Friday. From 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Saturday and Sunday are free for the volunteers. Those working on the farm have a different schedule of work.

  • Breakfast - 7:00 am at home.

  • Lunch - 12:00 noon - 12:30 at work.

  • Dinner - 7:00 pm to 08:30 pm at home . 

  • Weekends are free: Travel to many interesting places.

work schedule


                                                                                                    7 WEEKS 1175USD                             10 WEEKS 1475USD


                                                                                                     8 WEEKS 1275USD                             11 WEEKS 1575USD

                                                                                                     9 WEEKS 1375USD                             12 WEEKS 1675USD


4 MONTHS 1975USD      5 MONTHS 2275USD                   6 MONTHS 2575USD                         7 MONTHS 2875USD


8 MONTHS 3175USD      9 MONTHS 3475USD                  10 MONTHS 3775USD                      11 MONTHS 4075USD



                           Please note: We will still give you discount and there is no extra fee to be paid upon arrival.

1 WEEK 395USD               4 WEEKS 875USD  


2 WEEKS 695USD             5 WEEKS 975USD 


3  WEEKS 775USD            6 WEEKS 1075USD           is not a travel agency hence there is no service charge involved! No deposit required! No application fees! No extra fee to be paid upon arrival!     The amount you pay goes directly towards your program(s).

Accommodation, Meals,  weekend sightseeing, 24/7 supervision, WiFi modem for Internet connection at the host family (Please return the modem after your program) local sim card, safety, airport receive/transfer, certificate of participation, orientation, program search, host family search, transportation during orientation, transportation to the placement the first day, donation towards your placement, donation to other communities projects, programs, and cancer association.

What is included in the fees

Other important information

Commencement of the programs: Anytime! All year round program

How long are the placements? 1-week minimum and 2-year maximum

Are there any requirements for participation?No previous experience is necessary. Volunteer/intern must be 16 years and above. 

Location: Entebbe, Kambala, Iganga

Name of the airport: Entebbe International Airport.

How do the volunteers get from the airport: Airport pick up included.

Accommodation: Home stay or independent accommodation 

How far from home do volunteers work? 5 to 10 minutes by public transport - This excludes traffic.

How can the volunteers do their laundries? Volunteers do their own laundries with hands

Is Food provided in the accommodation?        Meals are provided. Mainly. local food. We also make a provision for vegetarians.

What are the visa specifications for the program? Contact us. Visa can be obtain upon arrival. But We will also suggest you get visa before you arrive.

Vaccines: Yellow fever is very important. Travel insurance is recommended

Safety: We are 24/7 there with you in the country making sure you are safe. The community is very safe. You can go out alone at night and have some fun. But we recommend for the 1st week of your stay, to go out with a friend at night. During the day you don't need anyone to go out with.

Will I be on the program alone? You will not be on the program alone. We have volunteers coming throughout the year.

Currency:  Uganda Shilling

Are there any ATMs available near the home/work? There are ATMs at the airport and near your host family.